Sunday, August 2, 2009

First Day

Friday was my first "official" day working for Clinique. I would not, however, give myself the title of Clinique Consultant yet, because I haven't learned jack yet. Anyway....

I don't have the lab coat yet. I'm also terrified of said lab coat. I asked Alex, my gorgeous coworker from Ecuador, if she bleaches her coat to keep it clean. She insists that no, they say we can't bleach it and she takes a little brush and cleans it (and foundation usually doesn't come out). alhglhalwkdlgkaaljjjkskkkffff...I'm going to be screwed.

I do, however, have a packet of papers to read. I've skimmed the packet at least 5 times, and I've read most of the pages in full at least twice. I still don't feel like I know anything. Makeup is so hands-on, and I have a feeling that I'm going to be afraid to be hands-on with someone stealth-watching me all the time. I can only bloom when no one's watching me like a damned pot waiting to boil!

I learned a little about the products, but more importantly Alex showed me where everything was. Thank God for whoever labeled all the drawers.

I was introduced to many of the girls in cosmetics. I will say that Andrea from Lancome made the biggest effort to get to know me. I'm glad I'll be working close by her.

So no, I didn't put makeup on anyone yet, but I was able to help a few customers by grabbing the items that they needed.

I hope I can live up to their expectations. I'll post more on Tuesday/Wednesday once I've gone back to work.

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