Saturday, August 22, 2009

Late Night

I tried to sleep in today. I pretty much rolled around in bed waking Nick up every five minutes. I'm just not good at sleeping in. I thought the late-night food and wine would help, but no. Nada.

I did, however, have this really weird dream about how I was going to be late for work (second one I've had!). Apparently I'd been on vacation and I hadn't told my job (kind of like Cinnamonster) that I had a new job at Clinique. So I was scrambling around for hours trying to find my Cinnamonster uniform and it was impossible. (God, I'm lame.) Then, when I did find it and was lacing my sneakers, a herd of naked men was at my door, digging in my mom's garden. (I mean that literally, not figuratively, of course.) I ran outside but it was too late...

...they'd found her weed. ::insert laughter::

Naked men scrounging around a garden EATING my mother's marijuana plant. So I ripped them from their hands and asked if they'd ever felt real pain! It was medical marijuana, apparently.

Goddamn fried fish before bed. LOL.

But anyway, I'll be up late tonight too. Thank God for being off tomorrow. HOMEWORK IN THE A.M. I work 2:45-3:15 tonight. YUCK! *makes face* I've got a frappuccino (sp?) that I'm going to down before work. Here's to hoping it ACTUALLY helps. Oh, and I've got two hours alone with Kim, who all the other girls think is crazy. At least Alyssa's there 'til 7!!!

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