Sunday, August 23, 2009

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Across the Universe always puts me in a better mood. I'm doing an assignment for my Apparel Analysis class and instead of just basking in the glory of Prudence singing "I Wanna Hold Your Hand", all I can think about is the rib knit on her sweater that enhances the fit of the garment, and the pleating and godets that are inset in her cheerleader skirt.

I always cry when Prudence sings that song. I'm a sucker. A sucker for this movie. A sucker for love. A sucker for someone beautiful singing so that I can pretend they're singing to me. My heart leaps when everyone in this movie sings.

Well, I've got more homework to do and a boyfriend who's sulking in the opposite side of the apartment. I hate that we have a desk in here now because he's more apt to spend time away from me. How can I be so lonely when he's just in the next room?

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