Saturday, August 8, 2009

Size 18, please

My lab coats came in today. They're sickeningly white with big silver buttons and shoulder-pads. I'm wondering if I can cut the pads out....

My boss still likes giving me Hell. She thinks I don't do enough. Then when I put myself out there and go for the proverbial gold, she tells me that I "don't know everything" and basically insinuates that I need to back off. Lady, I made 930 dollars for your counter today. MYSELF. So no matter how much you hate me, I earned an extra $3.72 an hour today for doing my best--even if you feel like my best just ain't enough.

I'm still having trouble color-matching darker skin tones. She's giving me hell for that too. I really wish I had friends here who I could practice on. It's not that I'm uncomfortable doing makeup, it's that I'm uncomfortable being put on the spot. Especially when it's coming from my ice queen of a boss.

On a lighter note, I made $14.72 since an hour today for doing my job AND I ate a feta/tzatziki gyro for lunch. OM NOM NOM. The commission from today almost makes up for the day I missed on Tuesday...well...except not really at all.

All I want is to finish my homework, have Nick come home from the game, and eat some more Greek food. Something tells me I'm not getting any of those things any time soon.

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