Friday, August 7, 2009

It's All Relative...

I'm wearing my ironic shirt. The one that talks about "Waves for Days"...Nick made fun of me because I've never surfed a day in my life. True, but it came in a lot I bought off of eBay and I wasn't about to chunk a perfectly good t-shirt.

Nick's taking his MPRE this morning and I noticed that he forgot his salad in the fridge, so now I'm in hyper-pseudo-wife mode. I wonder if he ate anything at all. I wonder if he's okay or if by now he's got a headache the size of Kansas. I wonder when he's coming home and if he's going to head straight for the scotch or if I get a kiss "hello". At least the Cubs game is tonight and Zambrano's pitching and he's already broken out his nice camera....

Work is pretty terrible. I can see why they refer to my position as the "revolving door". No one stays. My boss scolds me in front of customers and puts me in such bad shape that by the time I hit my apartment's door I'm ready to bite someone's head off and shit down their neck. I don't know why she hates me. Why her beady blue eyes glare at me from beneath her red bangs that are attached to that red bob (that I'm convinced is a wig) and those jowls aid her pinched lips in her face's permanent glare. I try really hard at work to be everything she wants me to be: pleasing, accommodating, patient, helpful, a whipping boy. Nothing seems to work. Maybe I'll get fired. I've never been fired from a job before. Can you imagine?

Happy Thoughts
  • the possibility that Carlos Zambrano will break a bat over his thigh tonight
  • knowing I got my first paycheck (a small one, but income nevertheless) and I can eat Greek food soon
  • seeing Nick smile at the baseball game
  • getting my lab coat tomorrow
  • Jason texting me about how pretty the moon was last night when it wasn't even dark here yet


  1. LOL -- Your better then me. I think I'd be fired by now. For chewing out the Donald Trump wanna -be with fat face syndrome! I bet you DO work her. She just TRIES to tear you down,bit by bit. Best advice though. I've learned the BEST medicine (payback) for bitches like that is to EXCEL. No matter how much they scream,rant,be little,etc -- If you just keep smiling & doing the job,pissing em off worse. Cause then they think they arent bothering you. Hence making them even MORE mad,cause eventually they realize,they dont matter anymore (to you) then the 300lb lady who just bought $400 in make-up to try and cover-up the low self esteem :) P.S. how DOES greek food taste? I'm a VERY picky eater....

  2. voice in my head and my fingers do NOT type together. I swear my typing comments need hooked on phonics =/

  3. If you're really picky, Greek ain't your bag, baby. Look up recipes for chicken schwarma, hummus, or gyros. Are you still a veg?

  4. Yep. No meat for this gal. Just cheese...smothered in fried cheese with a sprinkle of cheese on top :)