Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Curiouser and Curiouser....

Yesterday was a really odd day at work. I was incessantly complimented by one of my customers. She introduced herself as "Sora" (sp?) after she'd already called me beautiful 19 or 20 times. It unnerved me a little. She touched my skin and my hair and I really wanted to cry out and slap her hand away like your mom did when you were 3 and you were dangerously close to the stove burners.

I got to know Alex better. I think she's great. I like the way she says "Alyson". In fact, all the Spanish-speaking girls at work say my name so nicely.

I had more to write, but my boyfriend's being a dick. He's always like this when he talks to his brother. So fuck it, I'm done.

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