Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Today is my mommy's 50th birthday. She doesn't look 50 and she certainly doesn't feel 50, but sure enough, she's 50.

I'm looking forward to spending today with her. I need a shower. I've also gotta pack some clothes and wait for Nick to call our lovely landlord about our lovely bedbugs. *grumbles*

I hate to drive all the way to CO Springs (BY MYSELF) only to have Nick come meet me 30 minutes later when they say GTFO. Goddamnit, I HATE BUGS.

Anyway, on to making today work. It's got to. I'm determined to give my mom a happy birthday.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

God Damn It.

We have bed bugs. They live in my bed. *#&@((((((@.

I hate my life.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


It never ceases to amaze me when people hand me compliments wholeheartedly.

A lady called me beautiful today. I know I blushed (even through the Clinique blush--"Smoldering Plum") and stared at the ground like the bashful little shoegazer I am. Her daughter agreed with her and they were saying how beautiful my skin was, my hair color, etc. etc. It felt good, but weird, of course. I guess I never take it for granted when people compliment me. I don't always believe them, but I accept them graciously.

Always accept compliments graciously because when they're not there anymore, you'll be sorry!

Note: I don't know if I'd consider myself to be beautiful, but I think I'm not a bad catch. No, I'm not fishing for more compliments. I'd probably blush all my rouge off again...

Friday, September 4, 2009

Days Off

I love days off. I sit around and do everything I can't do while I'm at work (i.e. nothing). I want to sit on my ass with no pants and eat cheese dip. Why no pants? I don't know. It's easier that way. Means I don't have to run the a/c.

Anyway, I've discovered that Californication is a fantastic series. I love Netflix.

I haven't got a lot to say in here lately. I had a fantastic birthday. Really, I did. Nick bought me the Sims 3, my mother and I got our nails done and ate ice cream cake, and way too many people called. I love them. I love them all. In fact, can I have another birthday?