Saturday, September 5, 2009


It never ceases to amaze me when people hand me compliments wholeheartedly.

A lady called me beautiful today. I know I blushed (even through the Clinique blush--"Smoldering Plum") and stared at the ground like the bashful little shoegazer I am. Her daughter agreed with her and they were saying how beautiful my skin was, my hair color, etc. etc. It felt good, but weird, of course. I guess I never take it for granted when people compliment me. I don't always believe them, but I accept them graciously.

Always accept compliments graciously because when they're not there anymore, you'll be sorry!

Note: I don't know if I'd consider myself to be beautiful, but I think I'm not a bad catch. No, I'm not fishing for more compliments. I'd probably blush all my rouge off again...

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