Friday, November 20, 2009

'Tis the Season...

...for customers to be pissier than ever!


I never write here anymore, which is a shame because a nice brain-dump would do me some good once every few days or so.

The closer my boss gets to me, the more I think she dislikes me. But at least she plays nice...sometimes. Everyone else seems to like me. Even the crazy one. Go figure.

Yesterday I opened a credit account, got a pre-sale, and even made $275 over my goal. Guess who still got in trouble--yes ma'am. Me. So I have now learned that no matter what I do, I will still get yelled at. I may as well go on a spree of "wrong" because I can never seem to do right.

On a side note, Nick and I got a kitten. A beautiful calico monster named Daphne. She's in love with Nick, following him everywhere and cooing around him. She likes to claw and bite me. But when she thinks I'm sleeping, she'll jump on me and curl up and take her own long winter's nap. I love her.

Thanksgiving will be had at my mother's house this year. My aunt recently moved in with her and I've been craving her cooking ever since. The last time I went over, Mom heated up several things just so I could pick at everything (real food isn't always easy to come by). I love my aunt's cooking. I think Nick will enjoy the low-key southern-esque food fest. If he doesn't, I sure as hell will.

Christmas will most likely be at Mom's as well. It's not like we have anywhere to go..friends to go see. Damn shame. I'm a pretty good friend. Ah, well. Nick asked if I want x-mas lights on the balcony. I was like, "YES!" :)

Hopefully we'll get a little tree and break-resistant ornaments. I'm already planning Daphne's x-mas presents. Ha...