Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tag, We're All It!

Lynny tagged me...and everyone else. So yeah, it's early, I have a horrible cold and I'm watching a horrible movie. :) But maybe I should share more about myself? Oh, and maybe if I actually blogged, people would read. Here goes nothin'!

Now for the rules: Tag 5 other bloggers you love to read and answer the following load of questions...

1. Where is your cell phone? next to Nick on the couch. i'm losing my voice, so i'm better off

2. Your hair? pulled back in a half-assed ponytail. it's sick-hair. :(

3. Your Mother? where is she? she'd be in Colorado Springs. having her about an hour away is convenient and inconvenient all at once.

4. Your Father? he's at home in louisiana. i guess?

5. Your favourite food?
cheese! in almost any way i can get it. except for the bleu cheese variety. grooosssss...

6. Your dream last night? i can't remember it at all, but i know that it wasn't good.

7. Your favourite drink? anything cherry flavored...cherry pomegranate martinis, cherry juice, cherry

8. Your dream / goal? to own my own vintage boutique...some place where i can sell plenty of crazy garments and art!

9. What room are you in? the living room...the place where netflix comes into my house every day.

10. Your hobby? as of late, i don't have hobbies. but when i do, i like to zone out and crochet (although i'd like to be better at it), watch movies/tv series marathons, and do crafty things like drawing and making collages.

11. Your fear? falling!

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? six? let's see, i'd be i'd like to be working for a company where i'm more than just a "selling associate". i'd also like to be married with like, one child. and a puppy!

13. Where were you last night? at home, being uber-pathetic. we faked a chicken fettuccine and ate that during law & order C.I. oh, and then we had popcorn because the popcorn maker nick got me is so much fun to watch!

14. Something you aren't? a liar. honesty is something i hold in high regard.

15. Muffins? blueberry! i loooove muffins.

16. Wish list item? i would love a real, tie-me-up kind of corset. i'm sad that i don't have one.

17. Where did you grow up? in Lake Charles, Louisiana. chemical plants and casinos...

18. Last thing you did? before this? woke up. hahaha. it's my day off!

19. What are you wearing? a long sleeved black night-shirt. day off = comfort time!

20. Your TV? it's playing "Tamara" right now. realllly weird horror

21. Your pets? well, daphne just got squirted in the face with a water bottle. you see, she just won't stop scratching my couch!

22. Your friends? well, two of them are here in colorado now, which makes my life WAY more interesting!

23. Your life?
really boring, for the most part. we do a whole lot of nothing here.

24. Your mood? i'm in an okay mood, i guess? really hungry, though.

25. Missing someone? always. i hate that i always have to miss people. but you know, never having to miss nick again is awesome!

26. Vehicle? a really shitty mitsubishi, ha ha.

27. Something you're not wearing? a bra! because it's my day off. i wonder how many times i'm gonna say that.

28. Your favourite store? i absolutely love to shop at target. and when i have free money, DSW is fun!

29. Your favourite colour? blue-violet.

30. When was the last time you laughed? this morning we were laughing at the kitten. she loves her daddy :)

31. Last time you cried?
um. i'm not sure?

32. Your best friend? i have a few, thanks.

33. One place that i go over and over? macy's! only because i work there.

34. One person who emails me regularly? no one, actually. but i e-mail nick daily to send him new job reports.

35. Favourite place to eat? god, i love food. i love going to olive garden...t.g.i.friday's...and chef zorba's is our new place!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Because now that I have a friend in the blogging business (or...something like that), I've decided to take her lead and put up 7 random facts about myself. What better way to introduce myself, right?

Anyway, *drum roll, please*...

1. Even though I have access to brighter colors and heavy makeup galore at Clinique, I am most often seen sporting some version of a Minimalista sort of look. In fact, the eye trio "Totally Neutral" is something I'm most often wearing. Me. TOTALLY NEUTRAL. It makes the real Alyson wanna barf.
2. I love cheese. Heartily. Lustfully. I love cheese more than I love Nick. In fact, the only cheese that I have come in contact with that I do NOT like is bleu cheese. I just can't eat it. I continuously try to eat it thinking it will get better, and yet, I still hate it. Yes, cheese makes me heartless. I'm sure there's something you love as much as cheese, so hush.
3. Half of me really wants to be married with children, while half of me really misses getting drunk at drag shows and dancing with gay boys. I don't know if these things can mesh well, but I suppose one day they'll have to.
4. I love the look of a newly opened lipstick. It's almost hard for me to use new lipstick and I desperately try to retain the true shape of it when putting it on. I DESPISE when I see marred, bitten lipsticks and dulled down points.
5. I make Nick pop my toes on a daily basis. I can pop them myself (using my other toes, no less), but only one or two. He usually gets the job done for all five on each foot.
6. It makes me sad, but I really don't miss Louisiana at all. I was never a Louisiana hater (just an observer of the sad, sad truths), but aside from family and friends, I would be okay without going back for a couple of years. Instead, I will probably be going back for Jazz Fest in May in hopes that Nick and I can chloroform Eddie Vedder and arrange a marriage with him.
7. I truly believe that there is some form of beauty in everyone and I wish that my customers could see that. When you tell me how bad your skin is and how awful you feel about yourself, I seriously take that information home with me and am genuinely saddened for you. Sure, I hate when my forehead flakes off and I have a few blemishes on my cheeks/chin, but never again will I hate my face for its faults. Flaws don't make you un-beautiful!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year, Same Me?

Welcome to 2010! I still feel like the same ol' broken down Alyson that I've always been. How exciting, huh? *sighs*

I have to have one of my wisdom teeth removed. It's been providing me with so much pain that I've blacked out, missed work, and cried for 72 hours straight. I'm welcoming its goodbyes. However, the painkillers I'm on in the meantime don't allow me to really function and I just can't WAIT to have a swollen face while on the cosmetics floor. Those bright lights allow no place to hide. And considering I can't wear my hair down? Ugh.

This year is already starting off the biggest bag of ass...