Friday, August 14, 2009

I Hate People

I would have a lovely entry today about how work wasn't so bad, my feet weren't even hurting that bad, etc. etc., but then I stepped in toilet water.

Oh, yes. Toilet water. Because some asshole flooded the womens bathroom and I waded through it unknowingly. I was pissed (no pun intended).

This would have been okay because it happened about 30 minutes before I got off work. Not so bad, right? Wrong. When I got home, there was absolutely no place to park. I shit you not, I drove around for an hour and 45 minutes. I wanted to kill myself.

I'm just way too stressed out lately.

So I bought a dress for my birthday for 12 bucks from work. Chances are I can't find a bra to go with it and I'll look like shit anyway. It's not like I have any friends here. I'm pretty fucking miserable. Oh, and I bought work pants that I don't think I can wear to work. Score. At least they were only 13 bucks.

In other news, Mecca Grill has the best Lebanese food ever.

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