Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Polyester Doesn't Breathe--And Neither Can I

Before I start on the intangible mountains of homework that I'm currently plagued with, I'll update everyone. And by everyone, I mean the two people who actually read this.

Work is getting better every day. Monday was the first day that my boss wasn't a complete and total ass to me. In fact, she was nice. I know, it freaked me out too. Maybe it's because I had my lab coat for the first time. Maybe she thought to herself, "So she's a real employee now." Or maybe she just needed to get laid.

The lab coat fits as well as can be expected. The arms are too long and my arms are a little fat, so they don't mesh that well. It doesn't button, so I'll be wearing it fully open 24/7 (although that was the plan anyway). At least it's lined so that I'm not completely suffocated in that stark white polyester cocoon.

I'm getting better at color-matching. The lovely (very lovely) Alyssa removed all of her foundation Monday night so that I could not only practice color-matching, but applying it as well. She's awesome. I don't know how many times I thanked her. I actually retain things when Alyssa teaches them to me.

Sidenote: I matched her shade perfectly for the foundation that she used to use--she's since switched types.

Essentially, my sales are really good. I can expect to reap a lot of commission from this job (thank you, God). So, on to homework and then I'm going to join Nick in some Rock Band time. I just saw the track list for Guitar Hero 5 and I want it. I mean, c'mon--you can play as Shirley Manson. How cool is that?!? Not to mention the fact that if you buy GH5, you get GH Van Halen for free. I need moneyz!

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  1. LOL -- dork!
    I'm glad its going better. Told
    ya it would...I feel ya on the
    coat thing. NOTHING ever fits OVER
    the girls...and closes. *sigh*