Thursday, July 30, 2009

Training Day

Leave it to me to get lost in a parking garage. C'mon, someone's bound to be able to sympathize with me on this. I zoomed around the garage countless times before realizing that with a few simple turns (that weren't marked as such) I'd be able to level up. Much swearing ensued once this was realized.

Training was more boring than I remember it being. I only got the mildest sense of enjoyment during the diversity training CD. Hearing some grey-haired man imply that his younger counterpart is a fag made me giggle. It was ridiculous to hear it coming through the headphones. You'd have to have been there, I suppose.

I skipped through quite a bit of the register training (considering I've done damned near everything there is to do on it) and managed to sneak out of there an hour before I was due to clock out. Considering I'm getting paid full wages for training, I don't know why I didn't just fart around for the extra hour. Conscience? Boredom? Hunger? All of the above.

Tomorrow is my first day on the floor "mirroring" my counter manager. I'm pretty nervous. I still don't feel like I'm qualified for the job, but here goes nothin'.


  1. Ally-Sun,if ANYONE were more qualified for ANY job,it would be YOU for THIS! Who knows more about make-up? Who knows more about make-up that lasts and looks GOOD on,even when wearing fake blood in a close-up? I mean,COME ON! The only other job I could imagine for you would be Betsy Johnson's assistant! ha ha ha No worries and you'll do FANTASTIC! :)

  2. :) i've still got a lot to learn, though. clinique is a different breed...