Tuesday, July 28, 2009

And so it begins....

After enduring way too many interviews (the count ended around 8 or 9), I finally procured a full-time job with Clinique. Sure, it might seem like just another mall job, but there's really a lot of potential to be had if I play my cards right. All in all I'm pretty darned excited and I can only hope that my self-sabotaging and carpal tunnel syndrome sit and spin while I play "counter girl" for a living.

To be honest, I thought the phone interview the Lauder company put me through was going to be my hamartia. I came away from it in tears and essentially melted into the couch while the boyfriend consoled me with forehead kisses and hand-holding. But lo and behold, my phone interview went "great" and I was offered the job this morning. My wallet will thank me later, I'm sure.

Tomorrow: Paperwork & Orientation Macy's style...putting forth little effort and getting paid for doing so--the American Dream.

Thursday: Register training: which, as a former Macy's employee, I should blow through quicker than a stack of cash at a flea market. (What? I like flea markets!) Too bad I won't be getting paid for speed bonuses.