Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I haven't been blogging like I should lately, and that's just a shame! It's a good outlet for me to rave about shit I like, and bitch about shit I don't like! Ha ha! Anyway, this little beauty quiz got me thinking that I really should start trying new things with Clinique. Yesterday I got called "conservative" and it nearly broke my heart! Once our motherboard comes back for our desktop, I will think about doing tutorials and/or posting FOTDs to see if I can bring my makeup lust back from the dead...

My Recent Beauty Adventures:

Last mascara you bought:
L'oreal's Voluminous Waterproof mascara. I'm a big lover of this mascara, so when I was going to be in Louisiana for a week, I decided that I'd have to try the waterproof version as well. It gives me that same, lovely look that the regular Voluminous does, and I can attest that after swimming and hot-tubbing, it really is waterproof! However, do not forget to take it off at night (I'm super famous for doing that) because it will be crumbly and terrible in the morning!!!

Last lipstick you wore:
MAC's new "Lazy Day" from the To the Beach collection. It is the perfect pale pink that I've been searching for. However, if you're a sick little monster like me and you put foundation/concealer on your lips to show the true color...well...you'll look a little ill. I liked it, but I'm pretty sure it creeped the boyfriend out, haha!

Last look you wore that you LOVED:
When I was home, I wore MAC's "Danger Zone" mineralized eye shadow (the red with the black as liner) and Lancome's "Electric Pink" gloss. I looked like a gothic hooker, but in a good way (if that's at all possible).

Last eyeshadow you fell in love with:
MAC's "Sweet & Punchy". Metallic Chartreuse eye shadow? Yes, please!

Last blush you wore:
Clinique's "Peony" Fresh Bloom All-Over Colour with a touch of Clinique's "In-a-Rush Blush" Quick Blush on top. I enjoy mixing blushes and the Fresh Blooms look great when you want to turn any blush into a 3-Dimensional masterpiece.

Last time you washed your brushes:
The brush cleaner will be out until like, July, so I try to do a warm water rinse and get out any chunkies when the brushes start to look icky.

Last nailpolish you removed:
I love that Sin nail polish, and I believe the color is called Timbleberry. Thimbleberry? I'm not really sure. It's a bright, hibiscus-esque coral-y color. Super cute on short nails, and REALLY cute on toenails!

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